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AJ Services was founded in 1998 after Optical Specialties Inc. closed it's doors to business. John Wells, then the International Service Manager for OSI's inspection product line, purchased the rights and technology for many of OSI's products. 

Since that time, AJ Services has been the primary service provider for all OSI products Nationwide, and in Europe.  AJ Services assumed many of OSI's outstanding service contracts, and continues to support those same customers today.

In 1999, AJ Services was incorporated, and became AJ Integrated Services, L.L.C.

AJIS has recently introduced support for IVS metrology equipment into it's service line, providing increased support for it's customer base.

AJ Integrated Services is committed to providing the best Customer Service and Support, throughout the world.   

Enjoy your visit to our web site.  If you have any questions, please fill out the feedback form, or call us at (214) 882-4681

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